Lambda Delta Chapter at University of South Carolina-Aiken

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Aubry Melvin


Aubry Melvin is our current chapter President. She is a junior, Business Administration major with a focus in Marketing and a minor in Studio Art. She has also been an active member since the Fall of 2016 and has served on our executive committee since 2017. One thing Aubry continuously thanks Phi Mu for to this day is the contribution towards confidence and vibrancy that has helped her become the woman she is today!

  • Hometown: Aiken, SC
  • Why did I join Phi Mu?: I decided to join Phi Mu because of the diversity and overall positive vibe that the chapter gave off! They seemed fun and outgoing, so I wanted to be in on the action!
  • Fun Facts: I am a Young Life leader for our local high school students; I attended Phi Mu's annual Leadership Institute in 2017 and will go to National Convention in Las Vegas, NV this summer; and I am Obsessed with AVOCADOS!
  • Positions Held: NPC Delegate

Hannah Holbrook

Vice President

Hannah Holbrook is the current Vice President of our chapter. She works hand-in-hand with each of our committees and our Carnation Cabinet members; and, she also holds chapter development seminars throughout each semester that help our members grow and develop into vibrant, Phi Mu women. Hannah is a sophomore, Elementary Education major and has been an active member of our chapter since the fall of 2016!

  • Hometown: Aiken, SC
  • Why is Phi Mu important to you?: Phi Mu is important to me because it gave me a place of belonging when I felt like I didn't belong anywhere as well as friends and sisters that will last me a lifetime! It has taught me endless confidence and poise, which I hope to pass on to others!
  • Fun Facts: I can play ukulele; I love the outdoors; and my happy place is the beach!
  • Positions Held: COB Chairman; Song Leader; Public Relations Chairman; Web Administrator

McKenzie Bray


McKenzie Bray is our Secretary! She helps keep our sisters organized and up-to-date on all things Phi Mu. McKenzie is a sophomore, Nursing major, and she has been an active member since the Fall of 2016.

  • Hometown: Lexington, SC
  • Why do I love Phi Mu?: I love Phi Mu because each of my sisters come from different backgrounds and we all mesh together into one sisterhood. We have each others backs and its an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so much love and support 24/7!
  • Fun Facts: I know sign language; I share the same birthday as the Queen of England; and my goal in life is to own 50 dogs!
  • Positions Held: Sisterhood Chairman

Hailey Horn


Hailey Horn serves as our current Treasurer. She is a junior, Nursing major and has been an active member of Phi Mu since the fall of 2015! This is her second time serving as our treasurer. Hailey is also a part of the Student Nurses Association on our campus!

  • Hometown: Lexington, SC
  • What is your favorite memory of Phi Mu?: My favorite memory of Phi Mu is when we went to Lake Murray for a sisterhood retreat and the whole chapter was involved in a murder mystery game!
  • Fun Facts: I served in the community of Ecuador for spring break this year; I share my name with one of our three founders, Martha; and I am always found lending a helping hand to my sisters!
  • Positions Held: Treasurer

Mackenzie McCallister

Philanthropy Chair

Meet our current Philanthropy Chair, Mackenzie McCallister! She is responsible for holding philanthropy events and fundraisers that benefit CMNH and other local charities throughout the semester! (Read more about our chapter philanthropy here: and our national philanthropy here:! Mackenzie is a sophomore, Nursing major and has been an active member since the Fall of 2017! Her goal is to work with pediatric patients in the future!

  • Hometown:: Bronson, FL
  • Why did you join Phi Mu?: Even when I wasn't in the chapter, so many girls were there for me when I needed them most. Our philanthropy also touched my heart because I was treated by a Children's Miracle Network Hospital and it has become an important part of my life!
  • Fun Facts: I'm under 5ft tall; I LOVE pickles (especially when I get them for Christmas); and I'm really clumsy.

Peyton Smith

Membership Director

Say hello to Peyton Smith, our Membership Director for 2018, and she will be one of the first ladies of Phi Mu that you meet during recruitment! Peyton is a junior, Nursing major who has been an active member since the Fall of 2015. Her involvement outside of Phi Mu includes the Student Nurses Association!

  • Hometown: Lexington, SC
  • What has been your favorite memory since joining P: My first sisterhood retreat at an alumnae's lake house! There were so many of us that some of us stayed in the boat house, but we all had so much fun joking around and bonding. I love looking back on that retreat with so many sister to this day!
  • Fun Fact: Once I graduate with my BSN/RN, I want to attend graduate school for my MSN to become a Midwife!

Anna Briggs

Phi Director

Anna Briggs is our current Phi Director who is responsible for helping new members learn all about Phi Mu! Anna is a junior, Nursing major and has been an active member of our Lambda Delta chapter since Fall of 2016!

  • Hometown: Aiken, SC
  • Why did you choose Phi Mu?: I chose Phi Mu because it has given me opportunities I didn't even know I was looking for! I have all of these incredible sisters that support me and encourage me in everything I do on a daily basis!
  • Positions Held:: KROP

Kallen Miles

Social Chair

This is Kallen Miles, our Social Chair! She oversees all social events within our chapter as well as our involvement in social events with other greek organizations on our campus! Kallen is a junior, Psychology major and she has been an active member since the Fall of 2016! Her involvement outside of Phi Mu includes participation other organizations such as NAACP, Unity, and the Pacer Union Board.

  • Hometown: Greenville, SC
  • Why did you join Phi Mu?: I joined Phi Mu because of how drawn I was to the philanthropy and the sisterhood that is Phi Mu!
  • Fun Facts: I am double jointed in all of my fingers; I can say all the US states in alphabetical order; and my favorite animal is a hedgehog
  • Positions Held: Sunshine Sister; Assistant Social Chair

Tori Thomas

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

Our Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention (aka DHRP) is Tori Thomas! She ensures the safety of our sisters at all times. Tori is a junior, English major and she has been an active member since Fall of 2015!

  • Hometown: North Augusta, SC
  • What is your favorite memory in Phi Mu?: My favorite memory is a bit of tie between rushing and our sisterhood retreat. When i was going through rush, I felt so welcome and I really felt at home with Phi Mu! Our sisterhood retreat was just an overall amazing experience!
  • Fun Fact: I have been to Japan; I've hit the bullseye on a dartboard without looking; and my dream is to write such an amazing book series that I inspire an entire generation!
  • Positions Held: NPC Delegate
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